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I made this ‘forever love’ lay out for the  monthly main challenge of “more than words challenge” here is the link


Also participating   monthly challenge’s of “mixed media challenge” and “CCB crew challenge”



The word “FOREVER” inspired me to create my scrap with a photo of three hands holding a heart together because I love my daughter and husband forever. I also put the word forever as a  title of my layout and I thought this title just perfectly describe my layout.

The pattern of my layout inspired from the ‘photo inspiration’ of “mixed media monthly challenge”

The color tone inspiration from “CCB”



For the Creative challenge “HEART” I made the heart shape with jute fibre from CCB..also added some love embellishments..




Many Thanks all the creative person for their lovely creative inspiration…💝💝💝💝💐💐💐💐


Also featured in CCB’s blog post… thanks slot for this honor 💝💝💝💐💐💐



I made this LO for the september challenges of More than words challenge , Mixed media place and Lindy’s gang here are the links..

For More than words challenge’s the word Sunshine inspired me to scrap with my all time favourite song , John Denver’s “Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy”. Each and every line of the song is full of happiness,life and love. So Sunshine meant to be happy. I also added a quote for my LO sunshine makes me happy. I just love the image of the sunflower, so I decided to go with this lovely sunflower picture for my LO. I have added some beautiful Yellow bright sunflower embellishments for the creative inspiration. I also did some stencils work and used yellow.

The colours of mixed media place mostly attracted me . So I have used bright sunny colour like yellow and orange to my work.

I have used Lindy’s magical for my work here are the link of the colours.

Oktoberfest Orange Magical Shaker

Yodeling Yellow Magical Shaker

Afternoon Delight Denim Magical Shaker

more close shots………


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Hi friends

I have created this layout for the monthly challenges of scrapki-oiwyzwaniowo and Mixed Media world.

Here are the link.





I used a photo of blueberries for scrapki-wyzwaniowo. In India we hardly found fresh blueberries .so i have decided to scrape with blueberries. I love the rich colour of the berries. I did  watercolor painting  and watercolor stamped for my background. I have created some handmade embellishments to decorate my work those are mainly watercolor painting.


The colour board of mixed media world inspired me,so I have used mainly the different shades of blue.  I used  the art sprys from lindy’s (tibetian poppy teal) magical shaker (bavarian blue) and canvascrop brand’s(#02312 patina, #16065 mallard #23407 limeade)

Here are some close shots







memories of yesterday

I made this LO for the august monthly challenge of more than words challenge and mixed media place here are the link……..



For more than words challenge the colour palette I have used was inspired by the VINTAGE look and the photo reminds me my childhood memories. At my granny’s home there was a rope swing and in every summer vacation we used to visit there along with  cousin brothers and sisters. That rope swing was the centre of attraction. I missed all that golden days . I wish I could go back to YESTERDAY and enjoy  those moment again and again.save_20180830_142026800843773.jpeg

As I mentioned I have wonderful childhood memoriesrelated to summer  vacation,the mood board of mixed media place inspired me to scrape my LO with this special picture which is also perfectly goes with their garder theme. I have used lots of gorgeous flower embellishments,clock,art stones and butterflies to give my LO a garden look,

Here are some close shots….save_20180830_1423131766177589.jpeg






Thanks for the stop…

go green,save the planet

Hi friends I made this mixed media card with some supplies of CCB’s, I got those as a winner of April challenge ,now again I am playing with their August mood board,here is the link..


I have used their lovely papers as my background, I did stencil work with art stones over the paper and added CCB’s[#23407 limeade #18038kraft] and Lindy’s [ponderosa pines olive]art  spary for the colours..



Next I have added my embellishments layer by layer, green flowers are handmade with CCB’s art spray and Lindy’s embossing powder.


Here are some close shots of my card.






Thanks a lot for your stop…



Hi friends I have created this canvas for the monthly challenge of mixed media palace and scrap the girls here are the links..

For the scrap the girls I have chosen a picture of the gothic girl as my focal point, also red and dark shades of the mood board inspired me as well. I have created my background with stencil. I preferred red and black background to cope up with the picture added some art embellishments to decorate my canvas .

The red Poppy flowers ,the dark night colour of the mixed media palace’s mood board inspired me to create my work. I have added fussy cutting poppy flowers with some beautiful red flowers embellishments to it .

Here are some close shots of my work..

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Life is better at the beach

I have created this layout for the monthly challenge of July of more than words challenge and mixed media and art’s here are the links….



To me the word “Beach” means seashells,sand,waves, holiday, fun and family time and many more.I have created a beach like background for my LO. Teared paper from Kaiser craft,laces from CCB’s,art stones with modeling paste from prima are mainly used for it. Added colour with CCB’s art sprays. Title of my LO is “life is better at the beach”


For the creative challenge “Seashells” I have used lots of seashells to decorate my scrape.

For Mixed Media and Art’s I have inspired by the ocean blue , lots of seashells and the Star fish. I have added some fussy cut Star fishes embellishments,flowers, a coral plant and little bit of mosses to decorate my LO.


Here are some close shots of my work.





Thanks a lot for your visit ♥️♥️♥️.


I have created this LO for the monthly challenge of ‘ Scrapki-wyzwaniowo’ ,’ Mixed Media & Art’and ‘My Creative Scrapbook’s June are the links..

For the challenge of ‘ Scrapki-wyzwaniowo’ I have created a Honey comb stencils background,used Lindy’s magical and art sprays for the colours, some random stamped applied to creat more interest to the background. I also used a picture of bee’s and titled it with ‘Bees and Blooms’.

Here are some close shots



I made some handmade embellishments to decorate my LO..

For the monthly mood board of Mixed Media & Art’,I am inspired from their bright yellow color with a blue touch. My work is based on yellow color and bright sunny picture of bee with a little touch of light blue tag.



My LO is based on the ‘My Creative Scrapbook’s june skecth.

Thanks for the lovely inspiration