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I made this ‘forever love’ lay out for the  monthly main challenge of “more than words challenge” here is the link


Also participating   monthly challenge’s of “mixed media challenge” and “CCB crew challenge”



The word “FOREVER” inspired me to create my scrap with a photo of three hands holding a heart together because I love my daughter and husband forever. I also put the word forever as a  title of my layout and I thought this title just perfectly describe my layout.

The pattern of my layout inspired from the ‘photo inspiration’ of “mixed media monthly challenge”

The color tone inspiration from “CCB”



For the Creative challenge “HEART” I made the heart shape with jute fibre from CCB..also added some love embellishments..




Many Thanks all the creative person for their lovely creative inspiration…💝💝💝💝💐💐💐💐


Also featured in CCB’s blog post… thanks slot for this honor 💝💝💝💐💐💐


Hello baby

I made this mixed media card for the mini monthly challenge of #morethanwords and #mixedmediaplace here are the links…

Here are some close shots of my work. I have added a baby perambulator for #morethanwords and give a title hello baby ..

The colour of my card and embellishments are little pinkish for the mood board of #mixedmediapalce..also I used lots of floral embellishments for there challenge. ..

I did some stencil work for my background and added some colours..used rose printed paper as my base..

Thank you for your time and consideration ♥️♥️♥️♥️

“A gift from Heaven” India

I made this layout for the monthly challenge of #morethanwords and #lindysgang here are the link

Lindy’s Awesome April Challenge

For more than words challenge I want to share my story for there word challenge baby. When I was pregnant my condition was very critical, it became more critical while giving birth of my baby. Even after the birth both of us were in critical condition,so my baby is so special to me and she is a gift from heaven. I have chosen a picture of mother and baby cuddling with each other, to me it’s  most loving part of the relationship. For the creative Challenge pastels I am playing with some soft pastels shades of colours for my layout..



For the challenge of #lindysgang I took oom pah pah pink and lederhosen laurel for there colour mood board.

Oom Pah Pah Pink Magical Shaker

Lederhosen Laurel Magical Shaker






a special thanks to Di Garling for the inspiration….


I have created this art journal page for the monthly challenges of more then words and mixed media place here are the link





For more than words,To represent this month’s word challenge fantasy, reminds me my childhood memories which I  love to cherish.I always love to hear fantasy story from father. Fantasy is missing with the age, keeping this in mind I have quoted my art journal with ‘fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living’. For the creative challenge wings I have added a lots of butterflies to my Art journal.


The colour of mixed media place’s mood board inspired me to create my art journal with three shades of green ,little blues , and a touch of  embossing brown for my back ground.

I have also used some natural dried flowers and leaves for my art journal.  Here are some close shots of my work..






Thank you for your visit..





I have created this mixed media christmas tag for the mini challenge of more than words , #ccbchallenge and are the links.

For this Christmas tag I have created 4 basic paper layered ,also did some stencils work . I have used some laces from canvascrop brand , chipboard,dry moss,and some pieces of Tim holtz’s Christmas idea-ology to get more layered. Lastly I have added some flowers ,die cut leave,and artificial Holly Berry fruits.Here are some close shots..

thank you..

believe in yourself

I made this art journal for the monthly challenge of more than words,mixed media art and lindy’s gang. Here are the links…

My art journal page represents that if you BELIEVE in yourself then spread your wings to  fly away with the flow to achieve it . So , I have used paper dolls of tim holtz of a little girl and butterfly as wings to support my theme. I  have created my background with stencils,  also used few stamp of butterflies,script and clock for the creative challenge.


I chose my colour from mixed media art’s moodboard. I love the colour of winter very much so I have used two tones of blue and a brown shade for my art journal page.


For the challenge of lindy’s I have used ocean breeze blue , tibetan poppy teal,cattail copper brown,and side walk chalk.

Sidewalk Chalk Flat Spray

Cattail Copper Brown Shimmer Spray

Ocean Breeze Blue Flat Spray

Tibetan Poppy Teal Shimmer Spray


Here are some close shots of my work..







The lucky star

I have created this journal page for the main challenge of more than words and lindy’s creative gang. Here are the link…


At first I have applied heavy white gesso for a nice background .I have added some art stones with modeling paste for the texture and added some natural dry bushes. I have painted my page with magicals of Lindy’s, black gesso and splats of white art spray of Lindy’s.I have used two shades of lindy’s sprays for the bottom half .  For the monthly challenge of lindy’s I have used following products……


Sidewalk Chalk Flat Spray

Cattail Copper Brown Shimmer Spray



For more than words challenge  I have chosen a collage picture of me and my daughter for the word inspiration future. Because she is my future and lucky star . For the creative inspiration stars, I have added lots of shining stars to my work. I also used the word star into the titles for the creative inspiration..

Here are some close shots of my work..




Thank you….

Shine your soul

I made this mixed media card for the mini challenge of more than words, #ccbchallenge and scrapki-wyzwaniowo. Here are the link …

It is a 4 layered card. To create my background I did some stencils work and added colour as required. I added  dry natural flower  & leaves and used butterflies made up of yarn .Some die leaves and some flower embellishment also being used. I have added a frame ,butterflies stickers and lots of art stones to create more interest.


I have titled my card with do what makes your soul shine  For more than words mini challenge .


For #ccbchallenge’s i have used butterflies made up of yarn and also used their art spray pon un fino brillo.


The monochromatic colour is for scrapki-wyzwaniowo.

Here are more close shots of my work……




Thanks a lot for your visit…