Hello baby

I made this mixed media card for the mini monthly challenge of #morethanwords and #mixedmediaplace here are the links…



Here are some close shots of my work. I have added a baby perambulator for #morethanwords and give a title hello baby ..

The colour of my card and embellishments are little pinkish for the mood board of #mixedmediapalce..also I used lots of floral embellishments for there challenge. ..

I did some stencil work for my background and added some colours..used rose printed paper as my base..

Thank you for your time and consideration ♥️♥️♥️♥️

“A gift from Heaven” India

I made this layout for the monthly challenge of #morethanwords and #lindysgang here are the link


Lindy’s Awesome April Challenge

For more than words challenge I want to share my story for there word challenge baby. When I was pregnant my condition was very critical, it became more critical while giving birth of my baby. Even after the birth both of us were in critical condition,so my baby is so special to me and she is a gift from heaven. I have chosen a picture of mother and baby cuddling with each other, to me it’s  most loving part of the relationship. For the creative Challenge pastels I am playing with some soft pastels shades of colours for my layout..



For the challenge of #lindysgang I took oom pah pah pink and lederhosen laurel for there colour mood board.

Oom Pah Pah Pink Magical Shaker

Lederhosen Laurel Magical Shaker






a special thanks to Di Garling for the inspiration….