I made this LO for the september challenges of More than words challenge , Mixed media place and Lindy’s gang here are the links..

For More than words challenge’s the word Sunshine inspired me to scrap with my all time favourite song , John Denver’s “Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy”. Each and every line of the song is full of happiness,life and love. So Sunshine meant to be happy. I also added a quote for my LO sunshine makes me happy. I just love the image of the sunflower, so I decided to go with this lovely sunflower picture for my LO. I have added some beautiful Yellow bright sunflower embellishments for the creative inspiration. I also did some stencils work and used yellow.

The colours of mixed media place mostly attracted me . So I have used bright sunny colour like yellow and orange to my work.

I have used Lindy’s magical for my work here are the link of the colours.

Oktoberfest Orange Magical Shaker

Yodeling Yellow Magical Shaker

Afternoon Delight Denim Magical Shaker

more close shots………


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